CRA Concrete Society Awards Shortlist 2021 Announced

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The Concrete Repair Association has shortlisted three projects for the CRA Repair & Refurbishment Award 2021. 

The Concrete Repair Association Repair & Refurbishment Award is presented in recognition of exceptional work to the repair or refurbishment of an existing structure. The judging panel considered each entry in terms of complexity, quality of service, innovation and environmental considerations of the project.

Three projects have been shortlisted from entries received from members of Concrete Repair Association. They include:

  • Concrete Repairs Limited – Durdham Down Water Tower.
  • CSC Services Ltd – University Hospital of North Tees: Main block, Concrete Facade Repair & protection
  • SIKA Ltd – 80 Charlotte Street

Concrete Repairs Limited 

Shortlisted for their work on Durdham Down Water Tower.
The main objective of the technically demanding project was to upgrade the internals of the tanks to provide a durable, clean water standard.


Durdham Down Water Tower, which was constructed in 1954 is comprised of a twelve-sided reinforced concrete water tank with an inner and outer compartment supported on reinforced concrete fin piers and a reinforced concrete structure housing a concrete access staircase and landings. The total storage capacity is 2.73mil litres of potable water. The tower and the adjacent covered surface reservoir in turn supply potable water to the local population. The internal tank lining consisted of a bitumen liner that had failed in many area. This needed to be replaced with a DWI compliant system whilst being aware of the dynamic forces the water tower would be subjected to from filling and drain downs.

CSC Services Ltd 

Shortlisted for their work on the University Hospital of North Tees: Main block, Concrete Facade Repair & protection

What was initially felt to be a relatively straightforward concrete repair project became anything but during a period of intense demand on the NHS during the global pandemic.



An innovative and collaborative project approach for a client in a time of need. A relatively straightforward project became anything but during a time of severe demand on the NHS. It was the responsibility of CSC Services to deliver this concrete repair project in a way that recognised the specific needs of the hospital at the time. Near field working across 7 floors of high-need care, including neo-natal, theatre and ITU units, during one of the most demanding periods of the covid-19 pandemic, presented a number of unusual challenges that required an unprecedented level of collaborative working between CSC Services and NHS staff members at every level.


Shortlisted for their work on 80 Charlotte Street

Sika’s technical team were approached for this project to offer a solution to strengthen a number of existing concrete slabs.



80 Charlotte Street in London is a 320,000 ft2, BREEAM Excellent commercial building in the heart of Fitzrovia. Designed by Make Architects for Derwent London, the large mixed-use development contains offices, apartments, retail and a new public park. The project is part new-build, part-refurbishment with the 90m x 90m island site, originally built for the Royal Mail in the 1960s, being combined into one building. About 30% of the original structure was retained to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Elements of the existing structure had to be strengthened, with Sika being approached by the structural engineers to see if its technical team could offer a solution to strengthen a number of the existing reinforced concrete slabs. Sika carbon fibre composite plates were seen as the ideal solution in a specification that proved as sustainable and cost-effective as it will long-term efficient in protecting the structure against the ravages of time and the elements.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the shortlisted entries!

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