CPD Presentations & Seminars

The CRA offers two CPD Presentations:

  • The route to a successful concrete repair
  • Structural strengthening with fibre reinforced polymers

The programmes are specifically designed to give an insight into concrete repair procedures and allied refurbishment techniques. They have been produced for the benefit of specifiers, contractors and owners of structures/buildings containing concrete components who need a brief explanation of the methods and just as importantly, the critical matters to be taken into account when looking at specific projects.

The CRA can arrange to present all, or any of the individual CPD presentations at your offices and at a time and date of your choosing, provided a minimum of four delegates are able to attend.

Each presentation lasts for an hour. The programmes are each 45 minutes in duration, with 15 minutes set aside for questions. To enable both technical and practical queries to be dealt with, the programmes are normally presented by a specialist contractor and a specialist product manufacturer member of the CRA.

For further information or to arrange for a CPD presentation to be delivered at your premises, contact the CRA Offices Tel: 01420 471615. Email: admin@cra.org.uk


The route to a successful concrete repair

The route to a successful concrete repairThis programme has been in place for a number of years now, but has recently been updated in line with BS EN 1504 - ‘Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity’.  The Standard is the framework around which clients and their consultants, or designers, can build a specification.

The programme deals with the essential steps that need to be followed or considered, before, during and after, carrying out concrete repair.   It does not attempt to delve into the intricacies of specification, or site works.   Rather, by following the steps outlined and by reference to the more detailed publications/advisors highlighted, the reader should avoid many of the pitfalls endemic in concrete repair projects of all sizes. 



Structural strengthening with fibre reinforced polymers

Structural strengthening with fibre reinforced polymersThis programme provides an overview of structural strengthening using fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) composite materials.  This programme outlines the different types of FRP available (such as flat layers containing unidirectional fibres or woven fibre fabrics embedded within a thin layer of light polymer matrix material) and the types of structure they can be used to strengthen.  

The information delivered will enable the reader to avoid basic errors when employing, specifying and/or applying such composites.



Structural concrete alliance seminars

The Structural Concrete Alliance regional Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars are designed to provide delegates with an introduction to Structural Asset Protection and Repair, these half-day events offer an introduction to corrosion as well as techniques for repair, protection and strengthening.

Presentations are varied to reflect the region in which the seminar takes place but include: An introduction to corrosion; An overview of electrochemical systems; Concrete repairs and coatings; Carbon fibre strengthening; Introduction to sprayed concrete; and Inspection of reinforced buildings & structures.

The seminars present an opportunity to learn more about the process of corrosion, essential steps for concrete repairs, ways to protect your buildings & structures and a brief introduction to sprayed concrete.

The seminar programme is taking a break for 2018 to allow us to revise our presentations to be able to offer a brand new programme in 2019. In the meantime for those looking for seminars, the Alliance offers CPD presentations which can be delivered on-site to interested parties.

View videos of some recent presentations on YouTube.  Marine Structures, Structural Strengthening & Introduction to Sprayed Concrete can be viewed at:-

The Structural Concrete Alliance is an umbrella organisation which brings together the Concrete Repair Association (CRA), Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA) and Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA) to provide a single co-ordinated voice for the structural concrete refurbishment and repair industry.

The Alliance offers a single point of contact for major clients and a definitive source of information and advice for all involved in the repair, refurbishment and management of concrete infrastructure and the protection from corrosion of a wide range of structures.


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