New mandatory British Standards for concrete repair (BS EN 1504), resulting from Europe wide standardisation, were introduced in January 2009.

The two parts most directly relevant to design and execution of concrete repair works on site are Part 9, which deals with design issues and Part 10, which deals with site execution. 

One of the primary benefits of the new British Standards governing the concrete repair process is the focus, in Part 9, on proper design with the emphasis on whole life costing and client requirements. This encourages appropriate best value solutions over the life of an asset and moves the emphasis away from a lowest price culture, since best value is still frequently and erroneously confused with lowest cost.

The CRA was a partner in a two year DTI funded Partners in Innovation project, managed by Hywel Davies, to provide information about the new British Standards to all potential users in the UK marketplace. 

Roel van Es was the CRA members’ representative on this project, as he was actively involved in the work of the British Standard committee for a number of years.

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