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The Route to a Successful Concrete Repair (Advice Note No.1)

This document emphasises the essential overall considerations to be taken into account when faced with the repair of reinforced concrete. It deals with the essential steps that need to be followed or considered before, during and after, carrying out concrete repair and provides a useful guideline to the best approach to be adopted. The programme does not delve into the intricacies of specification, or site works. Rather, by following the steps outlined, many of the pitfalls endemic in concrete repair projects of all sizes should be avoided. It also explains the ramifications of the recently introduced BS EN 1504 Standard, a framework around which clients and their consultants, or designers, can build a specification. Click here to download


Standard Method of Measurement for Concrete Repair (Advice Note No.2)

A new edition of the Standard Method of Measurement for Concrete Repair has now been published. The document, now in its third edition, has been fully revised to reflect new and current methods, practices and standards.  The SMM aims to assist the origination of clearer Bills of Quantities for concrete repair work by providing a uniform basis for measuring concrete repair and for fully itemising all aspects of the work involved.  It provides notes on repair measurement and a specimen Bill of Quantities. The method of measurement includes detailed instructions for : General, Trials and Routine Testing; Surface Cleaning;  Survey; Repairs; Crack Repairs; Pore/Blow Hole Fillers; Levelling Mortars/Fairing Coats; Surface Coatings and Treatments;  and Resin Injection. It also itemises time-related elements such as provision of access and site facilities. 

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Structural Strengthening With Fibre Reinforced Polymers (Advice Note No.3)

This document provides an overview of the different types of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials available (such as flat layers containing undirectional fibres or woven fibre fabrics embedded within a layer of light polymer matrix material) and the types of structure they are used to strengthen. The information delivered will enable the viewer to avoid basic errors when employing, specifying and/or applying such systems.

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Electrochemical Rehabilitation of Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures (Advice Note No.4)

This document explains the primary causes of steel reinforcement corrosion in concrete and the various remedial options that are available. It covers design considerations and outlines possible electrochemical remedial solutions, such as realkalisation, chloride extraction, cathodic protection/prevention, sacrificial systems as well as describing new developments.

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Application and Measurement of Protective Coatings for Concrete (Advice Note No.5)

Covers preparation, application and testing with a special section of quality estimation, an area of coating application often misunderstood. Click here to download


BS 1504 British Standards for Concrete Repair (Advice Note No.6)

This document was produced to coincide with the introduction, as of January 2009, of a comprehensive set of standards both for the process of concrete repair and the majority of the products it uses.
It describes the 10 parts of the Standard and explains how they impact upon manufacturers, engineers, designers and specifiers, contractors and specialist consultants. Click here to download.





The CRA has published a glossary of commonly used terms found in the concrete repair and restoration industry.

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